Don't want to do any fishing for walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass or trout?  Don't want to do any hunting for moose, black bear or small game?

Come anyway.  Sit back, relax and enjoy our beautiful, remote location just past Shining Tree in Northern Ontario.  As Ronda Camp is boat-in access  only, the only way to get to Ronda Camp is by boat.  If you don't have your own boat and motor, we have boat and motor rentals.  Once here your accommodations will be very clean and comfortable with a beautiful view of the lake.  Each cottage has its own dock.  We have a fantastic spot to enjoy the unlimited opportunities the outdoors has to offer.  So, why not plan a vacation to come and do just that?  Your camera and binoculars are a must.

Canoeing  -  We are on the Montreal River Canoe Route.  For those who want to take a two or three day canoe trip and come back to a comfortable cabin, we have what you are looking for.


Photographers  -  We have the photographer's dream with our many beautiful sunsets, sunrises and surrounding scenery.

Northern Ontario
Shining Tree
bear hunting


Wildlife  -  There are a variety of animals that come out of the bush to swim the lake and look for food.  Listen to the bone-chilling cry of the wolves in the middle of the night.  Watch moose swim the lake; the mink, weasels and martins hunting along the shoreline for food.  Feed the rabbits and their young that live under our cabins.

smallmouth bass
Shining Tree


Bird-watching  -  Bird-watchers will enjoy the numerous species.  Wake up to their singing; watch them build their nests and feed their young.  Hear the beautiful calls of the loon both day and night.

northern pike
Northern Ontario
Shining Tree


Sky-watchers  -  You'd be amazed at how many stars and constellations you can see.  The Milky Way and the multi-coloured, dancing Northern Lights are a wonder in themselves.  For information on the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), visit You may even get a viewing of the International Space Station as it makes it's passes.  For more information on the visible pass summary,

Your Hosts: Mike, Jenn and Brenden Josefik

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